Study groups for the FALL 2023 term will be taking place either in-person (starting on odd hours EST) or online via Zoom (starting on even hours EST).  If online, the zoom link will be listed in your registration confirmation email.

CAMERA REQUIREMENT: For online groups, our expectation is that you will keep your camera turned on for the duration of the study group. This will allow everyone to maximize participation and benefit from group learning. Please email if you have any concerns about this policy.

Although participation in the SLC Study Group Program is voluntary, students must make a commitment to attend regularly and actively participate in the study group once they have registered. Many study groups also have waitlists.

By registering for this study group you are agreeing to the SLC Study Group Attendance Policy which states:
Study group members who miss any FOUR regularly scheduled meetings during the term will be dropped from the study group in order to allow students on the waitlist to join. If you are dropped from a study group for non-attendance, you will not be allowed to rejoin the same study group unless approved through a meeting with the Study Group Program Staff  (email to request an appointment).

While attendance is critical, we consider active participation in the study group just as important. We expect study group members to review the course material, work on homework problems, and prepare questions on the material prior to attending their study group meeting. At the meeting, we expect members to ask questions, participate in group discussions and activities, as well as teach and learn from fellow group members.

Study group members must understand that the role of the study group facilitator is to facilitate a discussion of the material among the group members. The facilitator may accomplish this by providing structure and guidance to the group, posing questions, providing structured learning activities or worksheets, and dividing the study group into small groups. Members should not expect facilitators to provide answers or teach them the material. Study groups emphasize members reasoning through the material and sharing their perspectives with fellow group members. The ultimate responsibility for learning the material rests on the shoulders of the members.

Note: The SLC reserves the right to remove students from study groups and waitlists if they are abusing this registration system.

By clicking the “Go to Registration” button, I agree to the above policies.

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