Cool Toys Conversations: 5G, Robots, Transportation, Supply Chains, & Scenarios

Tuesday, 7/26, 12:00 pm-1:00 pm

The Cool Toys Conversations hosts open casual conversations via Zoom on emerging technologies and trends, and their potential impacts on (and opportunities/risks for) academic, clinical, and personal life and work, from research to office to home. This month’s meeting topic focuses on the Future Today Institute reports on (1) 5G, Robots, Transportation, Supply Chains, and (2) Lagniappe (whatever you want to go into more detail on from this series).  The tech trends covered include flying taxis (at last!), vehicular biospheres, near real-time application environments, self-assembling robots, cobots, drone swarms, air lanes, the cold chain, and the global quantum computing race. 

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Session level: All
Sponsor(s): UM Library
Presenter(s): Patricia Anderson (@pfanderson)

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