Data, Data Everywhere! Managing and Organizing Data

Tuesday, 10/24, 12:00 pm-1:00 pm

Doing scientific research usually means generating lots of digital data and files. In this workshop we will go over recommended practices for how to organize and manage your files, how to create a file naming convention, and practical strategies you can apply right away to help get better organized.

While this workshop will be useful for researchers at all career stages, it will be most useful for early career researchers, those that are getting started on or in the midst of a project with lots of files, and students.

This session is Hybrid. In Person or Zoom options.

Session Details

B001E NCRC Building 16
2800 Plymouth Rd, North Campus Research Complex (NCRC) (view map) pop up map

Session level: Beginner
Sponsor(s): UM Library
Presenter(s): Sara Samuel, Judith Smith

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