Digital Scholarship 101: Conceptualizing Your Digital Project

Wednesday, 9/28, 2:30 pm-4:00 pm

Conceptualizing a digital project so that the research goals guide the technology and project, instead of the other way around can sometimes be difficult. In this workshop we will cover conceptualizing a research project with specific scholastic outcomes, objectives, and deliverables. Then, high-level tasks will be conceptualized and mapped to releases, versions, or editions of the project. Discussed approaches will include how to demonstrate the scholarly rigor of your digital project, accurately credit the labor required of the project at every stage, and provide evidence and metrics for promotion and job dossiers.

Note: This workshop will be held on Zoom. You will receive a reminder and a Zoom link one hour before the workshop.

About the Digital Scholarship 101 workshop series:
This series of workshops helps scholars avoid outdated projects, unpreserved knowledge, uncredited labor, and privacy or consent issues by emphasizing process in the project life cycle. Workshop participants learn how to conceptualize the life cycle of a project using human-centered design and backwards modelling when planning their projects to better understand how to version, archive, and preserve their research projects. Throughout the series, thematic questions around sustainability, preservation, accessibility, privacy, consent, grant requirements, and teaching with research will be examined. We encourage you to come with a project in mind and bring materials if available, but is not required to attend.

Session Details

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Session level: Beginner
Sponsor(s): LSA Technology Services, UM Library
Presenter(s): Joe Bauer (@joebauer), Anne Cong-Huyen (@anitaconchita), Caitlin Pollock, Scott Witmer

This session is currently Past.