“What Do I Have to Do to Get an A?” Alternative Grading for Authentic Assessment

Friday, 10/27, 11:00 am-12:00 pm

Traditional grading often fails to capture the full spectrum of student abilities and hinders genuine learning experiences. Our session will highlight the flaws of this approach, including grade inflation and student anxiety, and explain why change is overdue. We’ll present three alternatives – Reflection, Ungrading, and Contract Grading – that promise to foster more meaningful student engagement and assessment. 

Alternative grading strategies can lead to more authentic assessments, enabling educators to gauge not just what students know but how they apply knowledge in real-world scenarios.

Session Details

Room D Michigan League
911 North University, Central Campus (view map) pop up map

Session level: All
Sponsor(s): LSA Technology Services
Presenter(s): Teri Horton, Hetal Thaker

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