What is the Teaching and Technology Collaborative?

The Teaching and Technology Collaborative (TeachTech) supports the U-M community’s efforts to leverage technology for teaching, learning, and research. We provide opportunities and resources for the use of technology that is driven by purpose rather than tools. TeachTech members connect you to a wide variety of services and experts across all campus units through consultations, workshops, collaborations, and other activities. We host the annual Enriching Scholarship conference, first offered in 1998, to bring together U-M faculty, staff, and students to share best practices and explore new opportunities that enhance teaching, learning, and research.

Enriching Scholarship 2024: Surveying the Now

Our 26th annual Enriching Scholarship (ES) conference is now concluded. Recordings of most sessions are available at our Teachtech MiVideo Mediaspace. Additionally, anyone with a U-M uniqname can still self-enroll in the conference website at Canvas to review session titles, descriptions, and to access session materials.

Our 2024 theme aimed to highlight the ways technology has changed your current classroom. Topics included: the use of AI in your classroom; disruptive technologies; how-to workshops on the use of technology; data privacy, proctoring, flipped teaching, and/or teaching and learning in the online space.

Keynote Address: Maintaining Rigor and Inclusion in the Face of AI

Dr. Jamiella Brooks, Director of Student Equity & Inclusion Initiatives at the University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School, and Dr. Julie McGurk, Director of Teaching Development and Initiatives at the Yale University Poorvu Center for Teaching and Learning 

“Rigor and inclusion are often seen in opposition to one another, despite the evidence that inclusion necessitates rigor to empower all of our students to grow, build on their strengths, and learn. The rise of AI introduces a new problem to the ethics and maintenance of rigor in our classrooms. While in some facets, computers have proven themselves to be more efficient, a misuse of or disengagement from AI can lead to a less rigorous and less equitable learning experience for our students. We will explore a number of creative uses of AI tools that integrate rigor in their activities and assessments, while discussing the ethical dimensions the use of these tools raise.”

More about the Teachtech Collaborative

U-M has a community of instructional support professionals who can help you understand the technology and achieve the best results in your teaching. Our goal, no matter where you start, is to connect you to the right support group at the right time to get your questions answered.

How to get started?

What has the Collaborative been working on recently? Lots! Mostly related to Generative AI

Visit our MIVideo site to see recordings from our most recent Enriching Scholarship conferences. The Previous Conferences page of this website offers a comprehensive review of past themes, speakers, and statistics.

Attend Workshops Throughout the Year

Workshops are offered throughout the year at various locations. Click Upcoming Sessions above, or enter a topic of interest in the search box.  TeachTech workshops are intended to be accessible to all participants. If you require an accommodation to fully participate, please contact teachtech@umich.edu in advance of the workshop. All Teachtech workshops are free.