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MiVideo is U-M’s media streaming service. This content management service helps organize, catalog, share, search, and publish multimedia content. Powered by Kaltura, MiVideo offers unlimited streaming and management consoles that make it easy to tag and filter content, as well as control access. It offers captioning, transcripts, and some security features not available with some other video streaming services. The Canvas integration includes the Media Gallery, which lets … Continue reading MiVideo »


M-Write, a project funded by the Third Century Initiative, focuses on implementing writing-to- learn pedagogies in large-enrollment courses in multiple departments in LSA and the College of Engineering. Although M-Write is tailored to meet the goals of individual faculty members, the general process follows a similar plan. First, faculty members identify key concepts that they want students to learn in the course and M-Write staff … Continue reading M-Write »


Here is what we can say about Badgr.  Maybe mention some units using it and how.  Privacy rating, accessibility rating, security rating? Those could be in the body of the text or they could be tags. Something about current requirements? I actually hate this More Info URL for Badgr because I find it mostly useless. Certainly we could have a template Post that people copy.  Other … Continue reading Badgr »