Enriching Scholarship 2022

“Transparency in Teaching and Learning”

Thank you, presenters and attendees!

The 2022 conference (May 4-5) highlighted the range of instructional tools and approaches that reveal the implicit or unspoken assumptions and expectations in the curriculum. Sessions focused on increasing transparency and accessibility, creating diverse perspectives, developing 21st century skills, and addressing inequities in technology access. Each day featured an afternoon talk by a keynote speaker, as well as sessions led by U-M faculty, staff, and students.

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Featured Speakers for Enriching Scholarship 2022

Tara Yasso standing at a lecturn, smiling broadly.

May 4, Tara Yosso

A Community Cultural Wealth Approach to Transparency in Teaching and Learning at U-M

Prof. Yosso will overview her community cultural wealth model, which has been received nationally and internationally as a paradigm shift for the ways we have traditionally thought about schooling structures, practices, and discourse. She will offer timely insights to those asking questions about how a community cultural wealth lens can inform our curriculum, our class environment, the relationships we build among our educational communities, and how that knowledge influences the structures and processes of U-M itself.

May 5, Mary-Ann Winkelmes

Creating Equitable Learning Opportunities through Transparent Instruction

The new incoming majority student population in US higher education is increasingly diverse, multigenerational, and nontraditional. Transparent instruction, which includes communication about and examples of relevant knowledge, skills, tasks, and criteria for success, can offer equitable opportunities for all college students to succeed. Participants will 1) review research findings on transparency in teaching and learning; 2) discuss sample assignments before and after a transparency intervention; and 3) identify strategies they can use to support more transparent instruction. A subsequent workshop will engage participants in applying the Transparency Framework to assignments or activities from their own courses or other work at the university.

Full Conference Schedule available on our Canvas site.

Alphabetical List of Confirmed Sessions for Enriching Scholarship 2022:

  • A 21st Century Equitable and Inclusive Pedagogical Approach Inspired by Mahatma Gandhi’s Philosophy of Sarvodaya
  • Achieving transparency: a re-design of teaching practices
  • Archival collections, access, and transparency in Canvas
  • Beyond Accessibility to Universal Design: Tools and Strategies
  • Blended Learning: Bringing Together the Best of Online and In-Person Instruction
  • Centering the Student Experience in the Redesign of Fluid Mechanics
  • Classroom Strategies and Innovations from the SEISMIC Collaboration
  • Demystifying DEIJ For Disparate Disciplines
  • Discussion: How Gameful Course Design Makes Your Course Expectations, Goals, and Paths to Success Clear
  • Expanded Accessibility in Technology-based Learning Experiences
  • Forming and supporting student teams for equity and inclusion
  • Healing-centered Pedagogy
  • How to Build a Caring Classroom Community No Transparency Without Care
  • Improving Equity and Science Literacy Through Digital Primary Data and Open-Access Software
  • Instagram as Education: How to Use Social Media to Teach
  • Intentional Planning for Active Learning: An Overview
  • Intentional Planning for Active Learning: Activities for Large Auditoriums
  • Intentional Planning for Active Learning: Activities for Small Classrooms
  • Jumping into the deep end: A dive into GradeCraft
  • Lettersmith: Scaling Professional Writing Guidance
  • MOOC Success and Engagement Opportunities in Expansive Portfolio of Courses
  • Planning data management for increased transparency and sustainability
  • Simulations 101: How to leverage role-playing simulations in your classroom with ViewPoint
  • Storytelling for Language learning
  • Supporting Students with a Back-on-Track Action Plan: Leveraging Zoom and Google for Equitable Education in Times of Crisis
  • TAD, Simulations, and Technology, oh my! Developing students’ 21st-century interprofessional skills in an online environment
  • Teaching the Whole Student – How to Create a Supportive Classroom Climate for Students and Instructors using Wellness Check-ins
  • The Backchannel Project
  • The U-M Spectrum Center LGBTQ+ Oral History Project: A Student-Centered Community Archiving Project
  • The Provost’s Teaching Innovation Prize: Awards and Discussion
  • Transparent Design to Support Chinese International Students
  • Wait! What’d They Say?
  • Who speaks this language? Tools to engage students with a world of voices in speaking & listening courses
  • Wolverine Pathways for College and Career Readiness

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