New GenAI Workshop- Ignite Digital Creativity – Generative AI Imagery, Part II

Thursday, 4/25, 12:00 pm-1:30 pm

Ignite Digital Creativity – Generative AI Imagery, Part II:  Join us as we continue to explore generative AI imagery. Learn how to write descriptive prompts to generate unique image content using Adobe Firefly features integrated into Adobe Express. Participate in hands-on experiences to create and modify custom images in Express. As a reminder, Michigan is an Adobe Creative Campus which gives students, faculty, and staff access to Adobe Creative Cloud for free! 

Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Recommended Prerequisites: Generative AI Basics and Leveraging Generative AI to Create Imagery, Part 1

Workshop Outline:

  • Imagery prompting recap
  • Adobe Firefly overview
  • Adobe Express overview
  • Images effects
  • Express demo and hands-on exercises
    • Firefly Generative fill
    • Firefly Text-to-image
    • Firefly Text effects
    • Firefly Text-to-template
  • Adobe resources

This workshop is part of a Generative AI workshop series. Visit this MiVideo playlist to watch the series on demand.

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Session level: Intermediate
Sponsor(s): Teaching and Technology Collaborative
Presenter(s): Elizabeth Fomin, Nichole Marbury, Angela Marocco, Kristine Towne

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