New GenAI Workshop- Tailoring U-M Maizey: Your Personalized Digital Assistant

Thursday, 4/18, 12:00 pm-1:30 pm

Tailoring U-M Maizey: Your Personalized Digital Assistant: Want a customized assistant for your data? Elevate your Maizey skills as we delve into the craft of ‘system prompting’ within the U-M Maizey interface. System prompts allow users to personalize how their Maizey will interact with end users, giving a Maizey project a custom persona. Crafting a system prompt allows users to curate their data, which is like having a personalized librarian or assistant. This workshop will also explore how to customize the temperature in Maizey, which helps project owners refine the scope of their Maizey results. 

Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Recommended Prerequisites: Generative AI Basics and Getting Started with U-M Maizey

Workshop Outline:

  • Discuss how Maizey works
  • Define what Maizey is and is not
  • Review of Maizey setup
  • Define the difference between Maizey prompts
    • User question prompt vs System prompt
  • Craft a System prompt and explore how it affects the results
  • Adjust Temperature and explore how it affects results

This workshop is part of a Generative AI workshop series. Visit this MiVideo playlist to watch the series on demand.

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Session level: Intermediate
Sponsor(s): Teaching and Technology Collaborative
Presenter(s): Aaron Elam, Kalpana Joshi, Angela Marocco, Sarah Noah, Nargas Oskui

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